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To support the Independent efforts of our advocacy activities determined to protect our civil liberties, feel free to send a generous donation to:
Citizens Alliance for Better Candidates Box 2021, 128 Salina Lane Goose Creek, SC 29445.
We are grateful for any amount you can sent.
We can’t spread that message alone. We will need your help to reach at least 25,000 voters before the next General Election. That is why we are asking for your financial support. You can underwrite a specific aspect of our campaign such as signs, communications, or collateral material printing.
Here are some options...

•    Your $1000 household donation will buy one 60-second TV commercial.
•    A $500 donation will purchase one day of radio ads.
•    A $250 donation will allow us to mail around 1000 post cards.
•    With a $100 donation we can purchase display ads on Facebook.
•     $75 will cover monthly mobile communications costs.
•     $50 will provide the fuel to canvass key sections of the district.
For additional help, please contact our Director Joe Oddo at:
(703) 338-0200                       

Our operating goals require the following…
-       Campaign literature development: palmcards, fliers, brochures
-       Office rent, utilities, copier, fax etc.
-       Web development/SEO efforts
-       Office supplies: Letterhead, business cards, paper, envelopes
-       Computers/software
-       Phones, telecom equipment
-       Database development
-       Fund Raising
-       Field operations
-       Town Hall & Event Staging
- Get Out the Vote Activities 

Not affiliated with any candidate or candidate's committee. We are an FEC-registered Independent Expenditure organization: Citizens Alliance for Better Candidates


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