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Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Crack Team in Washington by Karen Kwiatkowski

Posted on Lew

Bush 41 family friend and cohort in crime, Robert Gates has overseen the astounding over- and under-the-table money churn called the Pentagon for over four years now.webassets/vettitle.gif Under Gate’s leadership, two wars and two nation-builds have blossomed and continued to waste billions of US tax dollars, grow the debt, create uncertainty and shortages in global oil markets, and sow hatred, and a third oil and regional basing occupation effort has been launched – as usual, with neither a plan nor an exit strategy. As the great men in America are measured, in death and destruction, we can count several million displaced, and tens of thousands murdered on Gates’ watch.


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Interesting contrasts between Paul and Johnson

Presidential politics being discussed on Judge Andrew Napolitano's show. Congressman Ron Paul and former NM Governor Gary Johnson differ on a few key issues: abortion, closing Guantánamo and the depth to which we should reduce the size of the federal government.

Making for interesting campaign season as these and others contend for the GOP nomination to challenge BHO in 2012.

Tell the Karen K campaign who you favor: e-mail info (at) karenkforcongress (dot) com.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Letís See Action From The GOP

By Karen Kwiatkowski
It has been interesting and informative to join my friends to watch and learn from our elected state and federal officials. For the most part, we liked what we heard.
The GOP is on the attack, as it tends to be when out of power. And the GOP is never better than when it is rediscovering and freshly embracing its core values, especially those that resonate with voters in the Valley.
Avoiding debt, embracing constitutional rule of law and living and working free from arbitrary constraints and regulatory interference by Washington are the most positive talking points. But actions speak louder than words, so we are pushing our incumbents to ACT!


Read rest of article here.

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Atlas Shrugged Part1 not widely available in Virginia

Check out locations here.


Watch the trailer...

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Make April 15 just another spring day? Ron Paul's argument against income tax

Congressman Ron Paul: "Just the method of collection of the income tax has literally made us slaves to the government by requiring reams of information that would normally be our own business. Then if the IRS challenges you, you are guilty and have to go to a special tax court to prove your innocence."

Watch the short video here.


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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Q & A with Karen Kwiatkowski

Q.  If you could make one amendment to the U.S. Constitution, what would it be?webassets/Karen_dark_suit.jpg

A. Repealing the 16th Amendment, hands down.  This one change would begin a painful but necessary process of reducing the growth and overreach of the federal government.  To ensure state’s rights are a foremost concern for the Congress, and to save many millions of dollars in public campaigns, I would also like to repeal the 17th Amendment as well, and return the power to Governors and state legislators to appoint Senators to the US Senate. 

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Adam vs the Man - Episode One


Stephan Molyneu, Ray McGovern... great first guests.webassets/vettitle.gif

Watch what the first amendment really sounds like.

Jake Diliberti, Veterans for Rethinking Afghanistan


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Friday, April 8, 2011

Quotes of the day come from 18th & 20th Centuries

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.webassets/headinsand_0_0.jpg
- Benjamin Franklin

 In July 1985 Antony Fisher said:
"It was quite a day for me when Friedrich Hayek gave me some advice which must be 40 years ago almost to the day and which completely changed my life. Friedrich got me started . . . and two of the things he said way back are the things which have kept the IEA [The Institute of Economic Affairs] on course. One is to keep out of politics and the other is to make an intellectual case . . . if you can stick to these rules you keep out of a lot of trouble and apparently do a lot of good."

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Libertarians say Paul Ryan is worse than Bill Clinton


"People should not judge the quality of this Republican plan by the standard President Obama has set. Everyone knows Obama is a big spender. Democrats rarely campaign on cutting government. What this budget shows is, Republicans are hypocrites. They have no intention of cutting the federal government down to size. In 2021, Paul Ryan still wants the feds to be spending 19.9% of GDP. That's a higher percentage than during Democrat Bill Clinton's second term. In 1997, federal spending was 19.5% of GDP, and it dropped to 18.2% by 2000. Paul Ryan is worse than Bill Clinton.

"Another unfortunate but predictable thing about Paul Ryan's budget is that it continues to mollycoddle the Pentagon. Paul Ryan is the Military-Industrial Complex's best friend. He apparently can't find one penny to cut from Obama's bloated levels of military spending. Only a big-government Republican could come up with language like 'reinvesting $100 billion in higher military priorities.'

"It's interesting that when the Republicans controlled both houses of Congress and the White House from 2001-2006, they did nothing to shrink government, or even slow down government growth. On the contrary, back then, Paul Ryan was busy voting for expensive foreign wars, No Child Left Behind, and the huge 2003 Medicare expansion. More recently he's voted for the TARP bailouts and even ethanol subsidies.

Read whole article here.

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The Military Industrial Complex in Less Than Five Minutes

Tom Woods on the Military-Industrial-Congressional complex... All those greasing the skids to keep this fraud going are counting on the conservatives to keep this thing going. webassets/cover_roll_lg.jpg

Read or listen to a chapter of Tom's book Rollback here.

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Can We Live Free in an Unfree World

by Karen Kwiatkowski

Posted at

There is an old piece of paper (sometimes known as the law of the land, or the Constitution) that explicitly says the government will not constrain or limit our ability to assemble, to speak, to write, to publish, to own and bear arms, to receive fair trials, to not be tortured or to be insecure in our persons and property or papers. Yet, we live in a country with free speech zones, permits to march or demonstrate, state documentation and approval to own and bear arms, etcetera, etcetera.
90-95% of people charged with a crime never see the inside of a courtroom, much less a jury of their peers, as charges multiply based on tens of thousands of pages of laws to be broken, juries and judges lean predictably on the side of the state, not truth, and plea bargains become the popular solution, if unjust, expensive and immoral solution.

The more the state proclaims American freedom, the more it lies, or at least ignores the facts on the ground.

To live free means that you have accepted the truth about human liberty, not just that it is something people of all ages want and enjoy, but that free societies are truly better than unfree societies. To the extent that liberty is present in society, we see self-organizing, self-moderating, highly productive and correspondingly, generous, compassionate and fundamentally peaceful people. Real freedom to think, live, move, produce and trade pushes human beings to be active rather than passive, because being active in mind and body is rewarded, and being passive in mind and body is less rewarded. Free societies tend to value all of its members, be they young or old, male or female. In a free society, personal biases and beliefs, subcultures, native languages or accents are not viewed as barriers to economic or societal acceptance – the members of a society are instead judged on how agreeably and satisfactorily they live their lives, honor their contracts both written and unwritten, and produce and trade their goods and services.

Read entire text here.

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Karen Spends Two Hours on Freedom's Phoenix

Multiple Sections Linked Here


A paraphrased sprinkling of Karen's words from the Freedom Phoenix interview:

(no transcript available – listen to the audio for specifics)

If this [US] empire does not collapse on itself, by the time we get to Africa, we will be greeted by China.

What made all of our staff [in the Pentagon] mad was that we were being made propagandists. Even though now that the American people know the lies - it still doesn't make a difference.

I don’t use the ‘New World Order’ phrase because it connotes a really aggressive centrally led threat. In fact, what informs the Neo-Cons ideology is a global view of how things ought to be run. Of course they would be in charge. Nobody envisions everything being run by anyone other than them. What informs their ideology is the global interventionist view about what makes the world go around. That being money and energy. They ask ‘How do we get more? How do we control more of it?’

The neo-cons do not really understand the US Constitution. They certainly do not get the Founders. These guys – their ideology comes from global socialistic type movements like Karl Marx. Like Lenin. Most trace their ideology back to early 20th century Trotsky.

They even usurp Red State people who think the Constitution is important. It is just a piece of paper to these people as stated by Herbert Walker Bush. So while we have lots of potential to change the system, a lot of people will only declare that the [president] they do not like lies, when in reality they all lie.

All dictators/empires failed because the people quit believing and they stop obeying. When the CEO of Wal-Mart projects massive food inflation – and it is Wal-Mart that feeds America – we can count on people finally getting mad. What is happening overseas hasn’t happened here yet because as a rich country we don’t spend as much of our income on food. But if we do have to spend higher percentages, then chaos could break out. And if we don’t obey and the lawful political structure loses its legitimacy, then we will see the separate and unaccountable parasitic political class finally succumb to the people.

True hope lies with the young people who will become self-educated. They will have better ideas on how society can be organized. They will gain a better understanding on how freedom really works and how change can really happen. This will be good for the people, though bad for the empire. We are going broke at home. Obviously some are enriching themselves. But – especially if food rises in the next four months – we will be forced to have a real butter or bombs debate.

When I get elected I will be a junior – practically an alien in the House. So while I cannot pinpoint what legislation I would propose at this time, I can tell you that for each vote I will hold up my constitution and read the bills before I vote on them. If in doubt, I will call Ron Paul. Compared to what the party leaders are accustomed to I suppose I will be somewhat stubborn.

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